Wahi Hawaii believes in a plastic free ocean


Most would be entrepreneurs are singularly focused on a business that can make them money. Not entirely a bad thing, but Jason Kashtan of Wahi Hawaii wanted more. After living on Maui for over 15 years Jason had become passionate about the island that had given so much to him and his family. One day while visiting the beach Jason’s family noticed the large amount of plastic washing up from the ocean, so they started getting in the habit of picking it up and cleaning the beach whenever they were there (basically everyday).

From this Jason built the Wahi Hawaii brand designed to eliminate plastics from the ocean with a simple idea. Use bamboo not plastic.

We’re proud to have had the opportunity to consult with a brand that is dedicated to profits AND purpose. Wahi’s bamboo straws and flatware have come to symbolize the importance of eliminating the use of plastics to help keep our oceans clean. This commitment has helped them build a brand that resonates far beyond the one island it originated on and is now attracting attention across the states. Because the brand stands for something bigger than just making money Wahi has been able to increase sales on a very moderate budget, and being run by only four people: Jason, his wife Miyu, and their two children Luke and Quinn. Keep an eye out for them as they continue to grow!


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