Specializing in Industries We Know Well

Many providers claim to be able to do all things, but some are better for certain industries and certain use cases. Our intimate work within select industries will help you navigate to the best solution for your business.

At Uptech, we mind your business, specializing in industries we’ve worked with directly. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we can tailor tech solutions to your industries’ specific needs. Best of all, because you’re not purchasing unnecessary systems or applications that you won’t use or don’t need, you’ll save money in the process.

We Know Your Needs

Technology has not only changed the world, it’s changed the way we work. When tech is applicable to an industry and professionally implemented, it enhances an organization’s operations, effectiveness and competitiveness.

Because we work within a few specific industries, we know from the start the kind of challenges you face and the best solutions to overcome them.

    • Restaurants and retail stores: Innovative tech enables restaurants and retail establishments to expand their reach, increase their customer base, and drive same-store sales like never before. But without the right infrastructure, innovative ideas can be stifled, and competitors can leap ahead.
    • Law firms, medical facilities and accounting firms: Interaction with clients and patients is progressively virtual. Additionally, many in these industries are increasingly employing staff who work remotely. The transfer of sensitive information for these industries requires added levels of security and firewalls.
    • Schools: FTech advances in classrooms has enhanced learning environments. But as public entities, schools must adhere to strict government compliance and regulations.

Are you in one of these industries? Is your business in need of strategic technology solutions? Call on the expertise and professional partnership of Uptech today.
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Choosing the Right Solutions

Time spent researching tech, considering options, comparing prices, and choosing technology is time spent away from work your team could be doing to add value to the business. Duray Tech partners with you, ensuring you get:

      • The right technology that’s applicable and effective for your industry.
      • Affordable technology packaged to do its job and price-negotiated to keep you within your budget.
      • Agnostic recommendations, without bias, focused on serving you and your work, not the sales goals of the supplier.
      • A lasting partnership that offers peace of mind and access to professionals who are committed to your on-going satisfaction.

Tech Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

Moving your business to the cloud can be a seamless process. Duray Tech will connect you to the cloud computing experts who can make that possible.

Giant tech companies may want your business, but do they know your business? Duray Tech does. We’re big enough to have connections with all the heavy hitters, yet small enough to personalize your tech to your needs. Call 888-416-0030 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today.