Privacy & Efficiency Matters for Your Law Firm or Medical Practice

Almost every day, the media reports stories of hacking and security breaches at major corporations. For professionals in law, medicine or accounting, this is serious business. More than most any other industry, to these firms privacy matters.

HIPPA laws, attorney/client privilege and accounting data safeguards are meant to address the highly sensitive nature of the work these businesses do. For any of them, moving patient or client information to the cloud requires added levels of security and firewalls.

What’s more, the prevalence of virtual client or patient communication within these industries has increased, while the need to have data available remotely has skyrocketed.

UPtech can help your firm acquire the heightened levels of security and modernization your technology needs demand.

Complying With Security Standards

UPtech specializes in working with professionals in the law, medical and accounting industries.

For each of these industries, non-compliance with security standards not only opens their patients’ and clients’ sensitive information to hacking and breaches, it can also result in legal consequences.

At UPtech we understand the gravity of maintaining security for these organizations, while also making operations more efficient, effective and affordable.

Set the Right Precedent With the Right Tech in Place

As one client put it: “a lawyer operates on precedent.” But that precedent can be detrimental when it comes to outdated technology. This statement stands true just as much for medical offices and accounting firms as it does law offices.

UPtech can help your personal-data-driven business modernize technology, enable office expansion to be effortless and scalable, and often save your business money in the meantime. By enabling a comprehensive, secure system enterprise-wide, your organization can simplify work processes and enable access to client or patient information from any location, while ensuring the safety and security of that data.

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