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For public schools, the government often mandates that educational institutions procure several bids before making technology purchases. This time-consuming—and often overwhelming—task that can take months, if not longer. What’s more, the time administrators and teachers spend vetting suppliers directly affects their ability to devote their time to their jobs as educators.

Turn the Time-Consuming Task of Research Over to Us

UPtech recognizes that this process is necessary for an institution to integrate the kind of technology into a classroom that is beneficial to its students. That’s why we take care of all the due diligence on a school’s behalf, researching options based on your goals and objectives, vetting suppliers, and keeping a close eye on costs and budgets.

In effect, we become an extension of the educators’ team, enabling them to do what they do best— teach.

Gain Greater Benefits to Your School Through Improved Tech

The benefits of incorporating technology into the classroom are continually expanding. Like never before, students in pre-school, K-12, college to post-graduate schools are experiencing the benefits of expanded technology in their educational journey.

Additionally, teachers and administrators are seeing the advantages that integrating technology into education brings to teaching and supporting educational curriculums:

  • Access: With reliable connectivity, teachers and students have easier, better access to a wealth of information online. Plus, easier access makes remote learning possible.
  • Collaboration: Collaborative tools like video conferencing or webinars open students to interactive learning, experiences, and people they might never encounter in the physical world.
  • Secure records: Technology makes managing and keeping student records more secure.
  • Eco-friendly: On-line testing and digital textbooks eliminate waste and promote a more eco-friendly environment.

Leveraging Best-in-Class Technology Providers

At UPtech, we’ve done our homework. We’re selective about the partners with whom we work, choosing top-notch providers who consistently offer the best-in-class technology. And because we’re brand-agnostic, educators and administrators can rest assured that the solutions we deliver are the best possible fit for their classrooms and students.

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From preschools to higher-level educational institutions and everything in between, UPtech is here to be the extension of your IT team. We understand the due diligence you need to pursue, and we know how much time this can take away from focusing on your students.

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